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Some Laboring on Labor Day

Two "projects" today:

I made a big batch of spaghetti sauce. I froze 4 containers which is probably about 1 1/2 meals each for the 2 of us. And we ate it tonight and have more for a couple lunches this week.

Chad and I also put up this shelf in the main (my) bathroom. This bathroom doesn't have a medicine cabinet and so I tend to clutter the vanity because some things I want right there. I had been looking for a while without much luck. Then a few weeks ago, I found this one in the Pottery Barn catalog. After pricing out others on the internet, I ordered it. It was not super easy to hang. I measured about 4 times before it was finally right, and then it was still tough to get up there. Plus I had to dismantle the drain under the sink after I dropped one of the screws down it! But it's up, without any extra holes in the wall and the drain is back together and the shelf looks great.