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I got to Valparaiso yesterday afternoon. I flew into Chicago Midway, and had to drive out by myself. I did not enjoy my drive through south Chicago. But at least it was daylight!

I'm here by myself (meaning no one else on my team is here). I'm just following up with our store here. Making sure things are going smoothly for them with using the new application. Also gives them a chance to ask questions and for me to help them with any shortcuts. They are not very demanding, so it's been a pretty relaxing, but still interesting couple of work days.

Although not so relaxing today as one member of our team was let go. Cost containment. Sad as I have been the one let go before. I'm flying back tomorrow evening. I think I will just be spending a couple hours in the store here, before going back to Chicago and meeting up with some team members in Alsip before heading to the airport. Then home where my husband is all by himself right now. I'm sure he misses me. Unless there is baseball on, then maybe not.