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Stupid and Contagious (a book)

I just finished reading the book Stupid and Contagious, by Caprice Crane. A great read! It's the first in a while that was a real page turner for me. The story is about a friendship of two next door neighbors, Heaven and Brady.

It was so funny. Lots of laugh out loud moments. The chapters flip flop between Heaven's and Brady's perspective which really keep you turning the pages. That and you want to know where the story goes.

I don't know exactly how I stumbled on this at Barnes and Noble. Last week I was just hanging out; actually walking up and down aisles looking at books. This is one I found. Now that I've read the whole thing I've checked out other reviews at amazon.com and bn.com, and they are both averaging 5 stars. And I'd have to agree, because the humor and the story, and the characters suck you in, plus this book has a total feel good factor!