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Over-Reacting - The Conclusion

He's fine. He left late. 9:45. Hard to go 250+ miles in 4 hours. Although that's minor, and apparently not the reason he didn't call earlier.

He hit traffic, caused by an accident and then construction. Also rain on a Sunday in August results in earlier southbound "cabin traffic". And his phone wasn't working due to being left in his golf bag during the rain.

So long story short. He left late, got stuck in traffic without a cell phone. He finally called from a gas station. From his perspective it's not his fault his phone didn't work or traffic was bad. The leaving late will be overshadowed by all that he endured today. (If you sense sarcasm, you sense right).

Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to be mad. There are "better" things to waste energy on being mad at. It's just frustrating as the sense of "allowing enough time" can be WAY off! At least this time there were no plane tickets or RVs involved! :)