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On High Fashion

When I was 9, my mom made me the coolest outfit. I remember it was an "Annie" pattern (as in Orphan Annie). It was a pair of pin striped denim pants with a shirt that was off white with navy pin stripes. The pants had suspenders, and the shirt had a red ribbon bow tied around the neck. Very cute, with my red hair. :) The whole thing was very reminiscent of the outfit in the picture (found at Anne Taylor Loft)

I know that fashion has cycles. I know that in the last few seasons we've seen ballet flats and gauchos come back. Two styles I really like (although I don't own any gauchos).

But my big concern tonight was not the suspender pants. How could I hate anything I loved in the 4th grade? My bigger concern at Anne Taylor Loft and New York & Company were the slim fit pants. Not just slim through the waist and hip, but the whole leg. Yes. Tapered pants. I'm just wondering what Clinton and Stacy will say about that, because I tried a pair on, and it emphasized my belly and butt. Not good!

Maybe I am becoming an unstylish thirtysomething, but I always said I wouldn't! Anyone else worried about tapered pants?

Oh no, I am VERY concerned about those slim fitting pants. First it was the awful hip-huggers and now THIS...

I can see all skirts in my future. Move over Donna Reid, here comes fridaynightgirl! Where are my pearls?

I, too, am very worried about the tapered leg pants. Usually I can get away with not "participating" in the fashion trends that don't flatter my body....hopefully that will work with the tapered leg pants too!

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