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Madison In The Morning

Why would people be googling on the phrase "Madison in the Morning"? Is it a song or show or something like that? They keep finding my post, and I'm sure they're disappointed as I was actually traveling to Madison in the morning...

Hmmmm.... If you know, please fill me in...

I googled "Madison in the morning" and found a few references that led to a Clear Channel radio station in Raleigh. Then I found this http://www.clearchannelraleigh.com/WRSN.html
But there was no reference to "Madison in the morning" there. I wonder if this was a program that has been discontinued and people are looking for it.

Madison in the Morning was a morning radio drive show on 93.9FM (www.sunny939.com)in the RTP area in North Carolina. It has been discontinued and people are probably trying to find out what happened.

Madison in the Morning is the morning news, weather, sports, and traffic in Madison WI in 1310 WIBA AM

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