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Happy 30th Birthday to Sarah!!!

Today is Sarah's 30th Birthday!!
For those of you who don't know Sarah, she and I go way back!!
We met in college (we were both cool math geeks)
Later we became roommates (post college).
Best of Friends!
It'd be even awesomer if we:
A) weren't both so busy, B) didn't live so far apart C) all of the above!

Here are some highlights.
Believe me I have many more, but they are pre-digital camera era and my scanner is not cooperating.

Disney World - Spring Break 1998 - Our Senior Year of College
I like to call this one: Cocktails and Curlers. We lived together one year after college, and I'm sure we were heading to O'Garas shortly after this one was taken. Probably 1999 or 2000.
Sarah and I at her wedding. She was a princess that day. September 2001.
2003: Jennifer and I pulled off a surprise birthday party for Sarah!
Sarah as my Matron of Honor. November 2003
Left to Right: Steph, Sarah, Karin, Nicki

Here we are with Nelson. (yes the twins, and yes they cut their hair)
Sorry it's not a better picture. Chad's Camera Phone sucked. February 2005?
Sarah and I at the Awesome 80s Prom: August 2005. We both fit into our high school dresses!
Here we are in California with a couple beverages of choice! April 2006