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Discounts on Magazines !!

If you love your magazine subscriptions, here is an EXCELLENT way to save mucho money on them!

Check out BudgetMags.

A Year (52 issues) of U.S. News and World Reports for less than $6!! ($24.97 at Amazon.com)

A Year (26 issues) of ESPN for less than $5! ($14.97 at Amazon.com)

A Year (12 issues) of Fitness for less than $4!! ($13.97 at Amazon.com)

Plus a whole lot more!

-- Yes, I'm into money saving tips right now. Check out a bunch more at the "link-a-thon" posted over at NCN.

MagazinePriceSearch.com is a better site. It compares different offers, and gives you the best price.
The prices I checked there were lower than the site you mentioned.

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