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Friday night, we stayed in and watched The Constant Gardener (a Netflix selection). It was OK. Not my favorite. Tough to follow. Something to think about. Movies about Africa are very disheartening. A huge continent where people are poor, and not enough is being done to help.

Yesterday, I was up early to get to the Y and walk a little. I borrowed Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on CD from the library, so I'm trying to use that as motivation to walk or work out. So far I'm through Chapter 2. It's 23 discs. Crazy!

We also worked on our yard in the afternoon. Cleaning up weeds, watering, and trimming shrubs. I've officially shown Chad what needs to be watered while I'm away.

Last night, we headed to Coon Rapids to visit the Romes and baby Abby. She slept most of the time, so we all got to enjoy the meal that I prepared (enchiladas and roasted pepper salad. All in all a good day. Today is laundry and packing.