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Get Out The Birkenstocks

Today, after a very restful sleep, I got up and went to the Farmers Market. It was the first Saturday they were open in Burnsville and there didn't seem to be a whole lot of vendors there, but enough to get some strawberries and lettuce. I also tried some yummy bread from Harvest Bread Company, and there was a pork vendor there, so I will probably get some brats next week when I know I'm going to be home to enjoy them!

I also went to the Valley Natural Food store in Burnsville. I needed some thyme, and wanted to find a place where I could buy spices in bulk. It's a very nice store. I'm really interested in the cleaning products and love that you can buy so much in bulk, including pasta, so that I buy what I need, and buying in bulk helps cut down on packaging which I love!