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Stand Up - Part 2

Yesterday was Part 2 of Oprah's School's in Crisis shows. Another great show with shocking statistics. Yesterday she focused a lot on what impact schools have on their communities.

Here are some of the shocking statistics:

80% of prisoners in America do not have a high school diploma.
If that doesn't say something about the value of an education, I don't know what does.

In the state of California, they spend $34,000 per year on prisoners (that does not include education or costs of "bettering" their lives and positions)
Also in the state of California, they spend $10,000 per year on students!

In the city of San Francisco, 75% of their prisoners have come from 4 or 5 high schools in the San Francisco area. They call them "Feeder Schools"

600,000 prisoners a year in America are released back into society. They are coming out of prisons where there are no expectations or attempts at rehabilitating them and most have just spent time learning how to be a better criminal, learning from the best (other prisoners)

In East LA and South LA, they have not built a new high school in 30 years!!! They have schools that were built for 1800 students that now serve 5000. They are areas that serve mainly low income and lot of "non-White" communities.

I just think that by not building schools, kids are learning that they are they aren't worth it, and not much is really expected from them. It's sad...

I'd have more facts for you, but it's tough to try and remember so many of them. So check out Oprah's website and StandUp.org if you want to read more... I don't want to bore you, but I want to share this information because it floored this midwestern girl!

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