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Six Weeks at Home Starting Now!

Yesterday I was packing up my computer at work and getting ready to head to the airport to fly back here for the weekend, when the team lead asked if I'd rather stay home this coming week, as they didn't really need so many people in Chantilly... Ummm.. "OK??" of course, I would love to stay home! So now I am home for 6 weeks in a row, which I really need, because I have to lose 3 pounds to get back to my goal weight and that is hard to do when eating out 2-3 times per day!

And it was amazing how much it changed my weekend plans! Last night we went to a surprise birthday party for Kyra, and I was fine for staying out for an extra drink with Carl (chocolate shake at Applebee's did not help with those 3 pounds though!) And then this morning when I woke up and was tired, I didn't feel bad about rolling over and going back to sleep! Plus I get to think about what I'm going to do all week! And I have a new cookbook and I will be cooking this week!