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Traveling - Day 1

Right now I am in Chantilly, VA. I am here with my boss, and another co-worker. Flew into Dulles this afternoon, checked into our hotel, and then found some late lunch as we flew over the lunch hour. We found a Red Robin. Food was very good. Service was horrible, but still good. and I learned from my co-workers that there is one in Apple Valley.. just don't tell Chad... After lunch we headed to the Fireside Location where we will be doing our training this week. It was a very nice location, and I'm looking forward to learning the business process and the software.

After work we ran some errands and then back to the hotel. I spent 35 minutes on the Stairmaster. Then grabbed some microwave popcorn and a banana, since we didn't go out to dinner as we ate lunch between 3 and 4. Now I'm just enjoying television.. it's weird that How I Met Your Mother was on at 8:30. We're meeting at 7:15 tomorrow morning (which will feel like 6:15, so as soon as Chad calls, I'm calling it a night.