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Last Night at the Hampton Inn

I am flying home tomorrow afternoon. It is a pretty early flight, so I should be home by noon, and hopefully won't have to work tomorrow afternoon. Today I rebooked the next 3 weeks here at the Residence Inn. I am sharing a 2 bedroom suite with a team member, so it will be about the same price, plus we will have the room over the weekend, so we won't have to bring home everything week after week...

We'll see, as I haven't met the girl I'll be sharing the suite with, but everyone assures me that we will get a long. And if I'm not sneezing all night it should be good...

We went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner tonight. It was pretty good.

I'm very excited to go home tomorrow. We're going to go to the Hearth and Home holiday party tomorrow night. Should be a good time to meet more people.

That's about it. Time to get back to Survivor!