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Another Relaxing Day

Yesterday Lisa and Steph came over with their kids. We just ate lunch and hung out. It was a really nice day to spend with them. Maddie was full of questions. She wanted to know what came with the house and what we brought. Like the door, and the windows in the ceiling and the deck, and the curtains. She knows exactly what toys I have and where they are so, she likes to get those out immediately. Very fun!

She also asked (prompted by her mother) when I was going to have kids. I told her to ask Chad next time she sees him. So then she asked "He knows when?" Very cute!

Last night I got a massage as my shoulder was really knotted up. Today my back is sore, like I worked out yesterday. It was really bad. They of course suggest I come in monthly, but I think I would rather spend that kind of money on a trainer to help me actually get my musclese balanced. I think my whole thing is that my chest and back muscles are not balanced, so I probably don't sit back straight. I need to be more conscious of my posture.

I am off to run some errands this morning. Just a quick Target run, before the girls get here to cook!