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I don't know when I first tried Kashi products (waffles were my first), but I love them... Here are my favorites:

This is one I just tried yesterday. Organic Promise® Autumn Wheat™ cereal. Kind of like mini Shredded wheat, but with a lightly sweecinnamonin taste.

I also love Go Lean! Crunch. Very filling and again a little sweet, but not overbearingly sweet.

The Go Lean! Blueberry Waffles were the first I ever tried. Very good, especially with some turkey sausage links. Easy quick breakfast!

And for a quick snack, the Chewy Granola Bars Peanut Peanut Butter are the best. They are not too sweet, and taste like real (natural) peanut butter.

All come highly recommended. And I just wanted to share since I keep finding Kashi products that I really like!

PS. The oatmeal is good too!

Jane...I love the Go Lean Crunch in yogurt...also love the Good Friends cereal. My favorite waffles are Vans multi-grain belgian waffles, which are usually in the organic section of the store. YUMMM!!! Healthy waffles big on taste!

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