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Stuffed ...

Yesterday was a great day. And I am loving this 4 day weekend stuff!

Wednesday evening, my parents arrived around 7:30. We didn't do much. I baked some rolls for dinner the next day. And we sat around and talked. Chad and my dad watched basketball too. Yesterday morning my mom and I got up early and headed to the Mall of America for the Hormel Hunger Walk. Together we raised $200 for Minnesota Food Shelves. We walked for over an hour and a half at a good pace. Good exercise and a good cause!

After the walk, my parents, Chad, and I headed up to Chad's parents for Thanksgiving dinner.
It was excellent of course. We had turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, green salad, strawberry jello salad, squash, and fresh bread. Of course we topped it off with pie that my mom had made: Pumpkin, apple, and derby, which is like a pecan pie with chocolate chips... yummm...

It was a very nice day. And we came home stuffed. Chad and I just watched TV after my parents left. He hadn't seen The Office from Tuesday... soo funny! Then we watched Survivor, Joey, and Will and Grace... a lot of non-sports tv!

I headed to bed soon after, because I was exhausted. I got up early this morning to snow! It was just starting, but did snow most of the day. I headed out to TJMaxx/Homegoods to look for something for my mother-in-law... no luck, but I will try again later! :) I stayed in the rest of the day, because the roads were not great.

I also pulled the wallpaper off my bathroom walls today. Tomorrow hopefully the primer will go up well and then I'll get some paint. I'm thinking "celery sprig" by Behr.

Off to start dinner.