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A Million Little Pieces

I just finished A Million Little Pieces, by James Frey. It is a biography and the story of a man who ends up at 23 and his recovery of drug and alcohol addiction. The first few chapters drew me in. It is a very good story. Parts were graphic, not explicit, but graphic. For example, in one chapter he has a root canal, but as a recovering drug addict, he goes through this without any drugs... pretty crazy.

He chooses to defy the whole process of the 12 steps that his counselors recommend. He claims to have just chosen to not drink again or to do drugs again. Against all odds he so far has done it. He was on Oprah last week. I have yet to watch the show, but the book was very good. Interesting too, because it takes place in Minnesota at Hazelden, although he never calls it by name, he does say he is in Minnesota and it is the best facility in the US. Also there is a part near the bus station and a large sports facility (Target Center).

Anyway, I highly recommend it. You can borrow it, as I bought it, but I do have 3 people on my waiting list already and the Hudson Library has 320! Overstock.com has a good price on it...