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Wash and Return??

In high school, I worked at TJMaxx. I know the crap people used to try and return. It was pretty unbelievable, and I'd like to not put myself in that category.

But here's the deal. I have a new favorite store. It's Ann Taylor Loft. A few weeks ago, I bought 2 new pairs of pants there. I have still to wear one pair it is an olive green pair, but the identical style to the khaki pair that I wore. I also just bought a pair of jeans from there. They are different fabrics but have identical care labels. Wash in cold, tumble dry on low, warm iron if necessary.

Last night doing laundry, the jeans got washed in one load, and the khaki pants got washed in another. The jeans came out fine. The khaki pants shrunk!! Not just a little. Prior to washing them, I had to wear 3" heels with them. I was planning on hemming them after I washed them. But wow.. now they are too short with flats I would have to let the hem out to wear them, and should probably drop 5 lbs to wear them well. When I laid them out next to the unwashed olive pair, they were at least 2" shorter!

So I paid $40 for them and don't have the tags and I wore them twice before I washed them. I have the receipt. Can I return them or exchange them. I'd settle for an exchange, because I like them, and I would just not ever put them in the dryer. Any suggestions on what I should do?? I just hate to be the problem customer...

I'd try to return them. If the labels waid they could be machine dried, I would consider them defective.
-- Mom

Definitely return them. Ann Taylor is great about returns that have shrunk.

I would just hand them down to Chad.

I say return them to TJMaxx.

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