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Subway is so hit or miss. I like it a lot, because there are a lot of options that are healthier than eating other fast food, but sometimes somethings off. And you can't always tell what. At one point I think I went for almost a year without Subway because of a bad experience in a gas station Subway off of 94 somewhere in Wisconsin. That time my cucumbers were just weird.

I just tried the new Chicken Parmesan sandwich, I thought it would be made with their grilled chicken, but instead they had like two breaded chicken fingers. The whole thing by the time I walked the block back to work, was just super soggy. Just not a great experience.

I must say my favorite that I get there is roast beef with their sweet onion sauce and banana peppers. Best with Pepperjack cheese (which is their healthiest cheese). I usually have it toasted with the tomatoes added before they toast it. Yummmm!! Put it on the deli round bread and it is a super cheap meal!

Can you tell I just got back from lunch, and I don't want to go back to work??!