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Packers... not a good start

I had a nice weekend. Not super relaxing, but very nice! Saturday we had people over for our "house warming" We spent the morning cleaning and getting ready. And we had quite a crowd including some active children! :)

Sunday morning we cleaned again! And I did some shopping. Came home and watched the 2nd half of the Vikings game. And then the depressing Packer game. They did not look good, and now Javon Walker is out for the season, so I can't expect much now... :( I am also sick of all the hype about Favre and him being old and decrepit... because he's not. He can still throw, he just needs some time and someone to throw to. And they killed themselves with penalties yesterday... it was just messy.

The best thing out of football yesterday is that I am 1 of the 10 (originally 30) who survived the survivor league I am in. Poor Chad had a rough day. He got knocked out of two survivor leagues and lost his best receiver (Walker) in Fantasy Football. It's sad, but it always helps me get through rough Packer games when Chad doesn't have anything to gloat (Vikings) about.