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Busy Week

I had a busy week. With almost missing a homework deadline and just work and stuff in general.

Today I came home and our house was swarming with boxelder bugs (on the outside) so remembering what a neighbor had told us at National Night Out, I did a google on "boxelder bug dish soap" and found that a mixture of dish soap and water (3:7 ratio) killed them, so I put some in the sprayer and wow.. Now we have dead bugs on our house! But still, they stopped swarming, soooo fast.

Tonight, we decided to get out as it was a nice night, so we went to the Burnsville Blaze football game. They were playing Rosemount. It was a nice night to get out, but I didn't watch much of the game, as I sat and pondered if I had once been like all those kids at the game. I mean, I don't remember watching much of any football games, and definitely probably paid more attention to the danceline, just like the Burnsville fans, but I don't remember not sitting still at all, and yelling and goofing off the whole time... but maybe I did. I will have to ask my mom. I suppose I don't remember exactly how I acted in a lot of situations that took place 15 years ago! :)

I don't remember going to a game with you when you were in high school, so I don't know how silly you acted -- probably not a whole lot different than the kids you saw at the game last week :)

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