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New Family in the Neighborhood

Yesterday morning I was waiting for the bus, and I turned around not quite a block down, came a family of raccoons. It looked like 4 babies and their momma. They were walking along the curb, and then crawled right into the sewer grate. Just a little surprised to see them in the daylight.

In other news... not much. I think we maybe finally have a lead on an entertainment center which means Chad will get his new TV in time for football season.

This last weekend, we ordered new chairs from Room and Board for our living room. They were actually cheaper than ordering similar ones from HOM (which would have been customized), but soooo much nicer! Now we have to wait for those so we can get a rug and match up some tables... then drapes. It sure is a process!

Tonight is National Night Out and our neighbors have actually planned a picnic. In Columbia Heights, we spent the night in our basement watching the news showing people who cared about their neighborhoods having picnics. :)

Being disappointed by the Packers on a small screen wasn't enough?

Watch out for racoons. I know a family that had them get into their house. They aren't easy to get out.

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