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It's Football Season!

Tonight is the first pre-season game of the Packer's. They are winning right now. I'm not really into pre-season that much. Plus I think I have ADD right now, as I can't sit still. I just haven't had a ton of time to sit still lately, so I'm not very good at it. Karin knows what this is about as we could not sit through a 2 hour season finale of Party of 5 in college!

Chad and I went for a bike ride tonight. Found a path to a park really close to our house. That is nice. But Chad really needs a new bike as he is riding my old mountain bike that is made for people my size! :)

Can't believe it's Thursday already. So nice! This weekend is about getting the garage cleaned out and relaxing. Maybe going to look at a couple of cars. Might be time to upgrade the Prizm! Anyone interested in purchasing a 1999 Chevy Prizm 78K miles?

Did you know that a Chevy Prizm came off the same assembly line as a Toyota Corolla? Very reliable! Never had any problems with it, and gets good gas mileage around 34 on the highway! Can't complain about that. I just want to upgrade now, so we're not buying too cars next year when Chad's lease is up.

What else to tell you... not much. Time to go see if I can sit still for awhile.