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New Show

I found a new interesting show on TLC. It's called Property Ladder, and it's all about first time "flippers", people that go out and buy a property with the intent to renovate and turn around and re-sell it.

It's a great idea, and I can see where it is profitable, but also very risky. It's pretty interesting to watch people, because it always seems to me when I make plans to do something to my house that it costs more money and/or takes more time that I planned. So some people don't come out that far ahead, but the first episode I watched a 23 year old girl, made about $60,000 in 4 months. Not bad, but it's a high stress job!

Sounds like a cool show (leave it to TLC) but I don't have cable. So I can't watch it unless I'm at my parents ...or someone else's who has cable. Wait, I think my friend Sara might have cable....now I just need to invite myself over :-)

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