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Training Advice

I need some advice on what I should do to get myself ready for this 6 mile leg of relay that I signed up to do next weekend! Last weekend I ran about 2.5... and that's about all the running I've done in 2 weeks!!! (House hunting sucks and I thought it would be fun!)

I'm thinking a LOT of stretching, and maybe some light runs through Thursday?? Any thoughts?

my advice is a longer run early in the week -- 4 miles? 5 miles? I'm planning to do a 6 mile tomorrow and then probably a 4 mile on Thursday, which will be my last run before Sunday.

What's worked for me is a nice SLOW long run. It depends on the runner, but if I am going to run 6 miles in a race, I like to have run it once already (it's a mental thing). My suggestion would be to do a nice slow 5-6 miles on Tuesday night, rebound on Wednesday with 3 miles and rest until Saturday. If you don't want to run 6 miles, it also does me good to walk it, so my body knows how it feels. Good Luck. No matter how you do, it's better than eating Frito's, at least your running. :)

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