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Spring Semester 1998

Geez! I just realized today it's been 7 years since I took my last college finals! Dang!!!

That last semester was a blast! Dogs N' Suds! Dots N' Boxes! Drinking Ski! Reggaefest! Our party before Reggaefest! Our graduation party (Kris, Sarah, Karin, and mine, the 4 Coolest Female Math Majors). Lisa was in love with the sun in our front yard. An Anti-Valentine's Day Party. Tiki Bar. Picnic on Karin's floor. Road trip to Orlando and Mickey Mouse! RJ shaking my hand good night!! ha! Hanging out with Dano and his roommates. Independent Study with Dr. Bruce Johnston that we totally blew off... Giving campus tours at 8 am! Meeting boys who said"What's your major?" "I'm a Math Major" "Oh... you're one of those smart ones".. and then they were gone!

Those years have flown by. Even the years after college... Like Nicki said the other day... "Remember when we used to spend a whole weekend partying and then sleeping all morning and then heading to Jimmy Johns for lunch and then taking showers, starting all over with partying the next day. " That seems like ages ago!

Wow! I'm 31! Time flies!

That was a really fun semester. I don't think I actually had any finals, since I only had the independent study, math models and my co-op at Rockwell.

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