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Good-Bye Constantine... grrr...

I didn't post about AI the last two days, because I didn't want to jinx it. I thought for sure it had to be Scott... I actually thought if the voters flubbed it, it could be Vonzell... but it was Constantine, who had a poor performance last night. But it's a hard song... ask Chad, he can't sing it on Karaoke Revolution. He gets boo'ed every time!

Otherwise my day was pretty ok. We went to look at a house in Bloomington tonight. It had a $50000 kitchen. Which was a little much for a 2200 sq. foot house. Small backyard, where the cat escaped to, when Chad opened the door! And a frightening exercise room. So you think exercise room, and it's "oh nice, a room for a treadmill and a tv, maybe a yoga mat..." but in reality, it's this long room with mirrors on all the walls and a treadmill and about 5 different weight machines and stacks and racks of weights. Just odd!

Anyway, that's my story for today. I'm off to bed. Maybe have to get the flannel pajamas back tonight! brrr!! I just hope I don't wake up to snow!

I'm glad Constantine is gone, you go Bo, the true Rocker! What's with Paula crying anyway? A little overdramatic! Anyway the Tuna Melts look great maybe Noah and I will try them tonight!!

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