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For Better, For Worse

I just finished reading For Better, For Worse, by Carole Matthews. It was Steph's pick for April book club. Also chosen by Kelly Ripa (of Regis and Kelly Live) for her Reading With Ripa book club. This would definitely be considered chick lit, but it also had some of the same themes from Serendipity and Three's Company. By that I mean that there were many events where discoveries were made accidentally and, of course, many misunderstandings. But unlike many chick lit, there was no shopping, so it was refreshing in that way too. The book was written so that different chapters focused on different characters who centered around Josie, the main character, so it wasn't all about her and her feelings.

Overall, I thought this was a good book. A quick light read, and it was definitely very enjoyable. I think this again is one that if you can't get at the library, that you should buy (maybe used) and your friends will want to borrow.

Loved it! Sex, drugs, rock n roll, who could ask for more? Looking forward to book club!

I wish I could make my blog as interesting as yours with phots of the books covers, my house etc!! I think I need a tutorial, like "find and replace"!! Anyway, thanks for inspiring me, I love the blog.

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