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The Good Earth

Today I finished reading The Good Earth, by Pearl S. Buck. It is a Pulitzer Prize winning book (1932), as well as an Oprah book.

I'm guessing that currently "Oprah" probably carries more weight than "Pulitzer".

It was an excellent book. It takes place in 19th Century China and is a story that follows the life of the main character, Wang Lung. I read it for my friend Jodi's book club, and am looking forward to the discussion, because there are so many phases of his life and themes of what is important in life and survival. When I started I was not extremely interested, but it was one that I could not put down. I highly recommend this book! And since it is considered a classic, it should be available at the library, but is also pretty inexpensive through Amazon (especially if you don't buy the Oprah version)